How to get in shape

How to get in shape

How to get in shape?

  What are the key ways to get in shape? Probably you think this is a no brainer. The answer seems so easy, you might say get plenty of rest, have regular exercise, eat a proper and balanced diet and engage in responsible living. And that’s the right answer. But remember, studies reveal that sixty to seventy percent of people who start exercising quit within a month. That means that the majority of people who start will not succeed. Are you therefore domed to failure?  Not, necessarily. There are some things you need to know before you start your exercise program. There are some hurdles that you need to jump over in order to stick to your routine.

How not to get in Shape?

Why do many people quit exercising? Here are 4 reasons. And tips to overcome them.

  1. Gym memberships can be very expensive, and you may not feel its worth it if you aren’t going that often. Also, there may be a lot of travel time involved if the gym is not close.

Tip: Try to view exercise like you would a long-term financial venture. You may not get the rewards right away but you will get them in time.

  1. Many people don’t see quick results, and because of this they can lose their motivation and give up. The problem – poor knowledge and unrealistic expectations.

Tip 1: Exercise does more than get you in shape. Exercise will improve your mood, help you to sleep better, boost your energy level and endurance, help you to fight disease and recover faster, control your weight, slow the effects of aging, and even spice up your sex life. The last one should at least give you some motivation.

Tip 2: Have a workout partner. No one likes to bail out on a good friend. A workout partner can give you the motivation to work harder. They can make you laugh and encourage you. And you will always have a spotter to watch your back.   

  1. A third factor that affects all of us is that we know that if something goes wrong with our health, science and the doctor will come to our rescue. Notice what Dr. Mahler in World Health wrote, he said: “PARTLY as a result of some spectacular successes of modern medicine, an attitude has spread to many parts of the world that health is something the doctors provide for people, instead of something that a community and individuals achieve for themselves.” This view has led to a big problem where everyone knows what to do to lose weight, but nobody is doing it. They rely on the doctors and don’t exert themselves.

Tip: Step up to the plate, take responsibility for your own health. Always remember the old proverb that: “prevention is better than a cure.”  And science doesn’t always have the cure. 

  1. Many people chose exercises that are healthy but are also difficult to stick to in the long run. These exercises may be boring or too difficult to sustain.

Tip: The secret here is to chose an exercise or combination of exercises that you like doing.

For example: What would you prefer doing a job you like and brings you rewards or a job that is boring but you have to do it to support yourself? The same goes with exercise, chose an exercise that you love to do. Choosing a combination of exercises can help your body to become more well rounded and fit. So, switch them up. Try tennis one day and swimming another.